a little part to remember

When you are in love, everything can make you remember of the one you love. Places, movies, even just the scent of detergent.

Just like me. One time ago i was on my way going back home after work. There’s a girl sitting next to me. She was wearing hijab. Then scent of detergent wavered on my nose while wind blowing her hijab. That scent was remembering me of him. I always smell scent of that when i met him. He said it is the scent of detergent that his mom use to wash. It’s smells good.

Now i’m watching Habibie & Ainun movies. We was watching that movie at his place. He wanted show me off about his brand new smart tv. Kinda funny that time, that we are buzy talking than watch the movie it self.

If i have a chance, maybe i’m not only remembering or missing him like right now.

But if only. Not more. There is no way back to that time.


simple, but not easy


I originally wrote this article for my work newsletter.  I wanted to share this story in this blog because I believe there are many lessons from my weight loss journey that you can used in managing any organization.

In case you haven’t noticed, I have lost over 40 lbs. Picture 40 sticks of butter…that is what I was carrying on my body. Not necessarily a healthy sounding image, is it? I would like to thank all who noticed for your positive comments and your encouragement. It has helped me remain loyal and consistent to this new lifestyle.

One of the most common questions I get is, ’How did you do it?

The simple answer is: eat less, eat better and exercise.  Everybody has heard this ‘secret’ of weight loss…it’s simple but not easy. For myself, I have always struggled with my weight. My weight has gone up and down many times…

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